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This community is for fans of the game, Go-Gaia, or Gaia Online

Gaia online is an online anime rpg community.

It is totally free and there are no downloads required. To join in on the fun head to:

Don't forget to tell em, animeprincess@hotmail.com sent ya, That's me! ;)

Oh and if you join, pm me sometime ^^ I love making new friends


Basically in Gaia you create an anime character, then earn gold to equip your character.

You earn gold for submitting anime/videogame fanart and surfing their site which is a plethora of anime information... think anipike or anime pittstop only even bigger

You also earn gold for posting on their forums

They have all sorts of topics from Ragnarok online, to final fantasy, to everquest, from sailormoon to akira and everything and anything in between!!!!

They even have personal ads for you lonely otaku ;)

Don't wait, join today!!!!